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Electrical Connections serves Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Tradition, Jupiter, St. Lucie West
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Welcome Back Snowbirds! You Made a Wise Decision to Head South for the Winter

Don't Take Chances With Your Family's Life 

Attention Snowbirds!

Have Summer Storms Damaged Your Electric System?  Call Today For An Inspection


If you are spending more time at home due to COVID-19, you likely noticed a number of our Warning Sounds and Issues above. Now is the time to make sure you take care of those problems before they become major life threatening issues.

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Call Now For Your Smoke Detector Inspection and Special Offer

Smoke alarms were present in three-quarters
(74%) of reported home fires in 2012-2016.
Almost three out of five home fire deaths in
2012-2016 were caused by fires in properties
with no smoke alarms (40%) or smoke alarms
that failed to operate (17%). The risk of dying
in reported home structure fires is 54%
lower in homes with working smoke alarms
than in homes with no alarms or none that
worked. When smoke alarms were present in
reported fires considered large enough to
activate them, they operated in 88% of the fires,
71% of the deaths and 81% of the injuries.


A Hidden Danger that is

odorless, invisible, and a potential killer is lurking in almost every home in America. 


Is this silent killer hiding in your home?


Test your home or business for EMF Radiation now!

When lightning strikes, what can you afford to lose in your home? Lightning means electrical surge can damage or destroy every electrical and electronic device in your home or business. Today, as more and more items in our daily lives become computerized and "smart" the chances of lightning and electrical surge destroying something of value in your home increases. 


Ask us about our whole home surge protection system. It's an investment that makes sense when you consider what it could cost you in dollars and cents to replace damaged items.

What can you afford to lose in your home?

We can solve the problem for you.

Don't Lose Everything to a lightning Strike

The Electrical Connection Difference