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What Can Arc-Fault Breakers Do For You?
  • Send test signals throughout the existing wiring in your home looking for the start of an electrical fire.

  • Shuts down the entire circuit BEFORE an electrical fire is to start!

  • Will prevent 98% of electrical fires on protected circuits.

  • More than 50% of electrical fires today can be avoided by arc-fault breakers.

  • Has been required in all new homes since the 1999 National Electrical Code.

If brand new wiring is required to have arc-fault breakers in a brand new home, should your older wiring in your older home be protected?

Where Do Electrical Fires Occur?

Nails or Staples

Rodents or Pets Chewing
Faulty Cords & Connections

The Consumer Product Safety Commission Says:  Applying technology to improve the safety of your home is a good idea and a wise investment for the homeowner and the community. Reducing electrical fires and saving lives is an important responsibility of the construction and regulatory industry. The heavy toll in lives lost from fires is a clear indication of the need for home builders and contractors to provide the community with the safest home possible. Educating the public on the latest home protection devices beyond home smoke alarms, emergency ladders and similar "after the fact" safety devices, is the first step in preventing electrical fires. In addition, new homeowners should know what options are available in the way of home safety, and are encourages to ask their home builder or contractor about the life saving capabilities of AFCIs. With the potential of cutting the number of electrical fires that happen each year in half, AFCI technology should not be overlooked.

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