Electrical Repairs

Flickering Lights

Lights that flicker, turn off and on, or make crackling noises are an indication something is wrong.

Landscape Lighting

Does your landscape lighting showcase your home and property? Or, does your home suffer after dark because your lighting is not working properly.Perhaps, you don't even have landscape lighting.

Faulty Electric Outlets and Panels

Faulty electrical outlets and panels are a serious threat. Many house fires are started by a faulty outlet that goes undetected until it is too late. Let Electrical Connections protect your home with outlet inspections and replacement today. The outlet and faulty panels shown above were from actual homes here on the Treasure Coast. No doubt, we saved several homes from being destroyed by fire and possibly saved lives.

If you are over-using extension cords or using extension cords to replace proper wiring, the fire department may be waking you in in the middle of the night to report your house is on fire! Don't do it yourself when it comes to wiring. Call the experts at Electrical Connections right now!

A Picture is Worth...

It is often said a photograph is worth a thousand words. The images in the slideshow below were taken on service calls by Electrical Connections technicians. As you can see, there were many hazards discovered.

Don't let unknown hazards threaten your family or workers lives. Call Electrical Connections today.

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