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Electrical Connections is your Neighborhood Electrician serving Martin and Saint Lucie counts in Florida. Contact Electrical Connections for lighting, surge protection, panel upgrades, aluminum wiring replacement, wiring safety inspections, LED lighting, Savings and Safety Plan, new construction, wiring upgrades, residential wiring, outlet inspections, street lighting, 24 hour a day service.

Electrical Wiring

At Electrical Connections we provide all types of electrical wiring services including electrical wiring repairs, electrical wiring installations, electrical wiring replacements, aluminum wiring replacements, and knob & tube wiring repairs. 
If you have been having problems with the current wiring in your home Electrical Connections can help. We regularly train all of our electricians in proper electrical wiring repairs under Florida and local codes. 

We all know that different houses have different types of wiring running through them. They are all laid out differently depending on who installed them. At Electrical Connections, our electrical contractors are properly trained to repair any type of electrical wiring system, no matter how complicated. If you have a huge electrical problem, or just an outlet that doesn’t always work, our professionals can handle the job no matter how big or small because we are Your Neighborhood Electrician. 









When it comes to wiring in your new residential or commercial construction, our professionals will work with you to install your electrical wiring the way you want while still meeting all requirements. This means you can tell us the properr place you wish to have your switches and outlets. Our professionals have been installing electrical wiring for years, and they have the proper experience to make sure that your wiring is installed successfully.

We guarantee all of our products with our 100% satisfaction guarantee service. This means if you have any problems with our wiring services, we will work endlessly until you are 100% satisfied with the final product. You can trust Electrical Connections to provide you with professional, award-winning customer service.

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