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Electrical Connections is your Neighborhood Electrician serving Martin and Saint Lucie counts in Florida. Contact Electrical Connections for lighting, surge protection, panel upgrades, aluminum wiring replacement, wiring safety inspections, LED lighting, Savings and Safety Plan, new construction, wiring upgrades, residential wiring, outlet inspections, street lighting, 24 hour a day service.

Good Things to Know

Are Your Services More Expensive?


Even though our residential technicians are highly trained and skilled in their areas of expertise, we are not necessarily more expensive than any other electrical company. In fact, the electricians affiliated with Electrical Connections can help you save money in the long run with our exclusive Safety and Savings Plan. When getting a quote for an electrician, always remember that you get what you pay for. Work that is rushed, unprofessional, and even incorrect can cause greater problems down the road and force you to put more money toward expensive repairs.


When Should I Call an Electrician?


Anytime you feel that there is a problem with an electrical system or appliance, you can benefit from calling an electrician. However, here are some important warning signs that you should call about right away:

  • Frequent issues with blown fuses

  • Tripping circuit breakers

  • A tingling or slight shock when you touch an electrical appliance

  • Discolored or consistently warm wall outlets

  • An appliance with a slight burning or rubbery smell

  • Flickering or dimming lights

  • An outlet releasing sparks


What Are the Benefits of Calling the Professionals at Electrical Connections?


There are many benefits to choosing one of our masterful technicians.


First, our knowledge, expertise, and experience are unsurpassed. To maintain this expectation, we use some of the best and most extensive training in the industry, including ongoing education for all our employees.


Secondly, we are dedicated to safety, both for our workers and for improving the safety of your home. And, we take care of your home. You will notice that when our technicians put on their protective booties to make sure you floor and carpeting are kept clean!


Finally, we have a passion for the work we do, and our advanced technology allows us to give you the most energy-efficient electrical work available. That’s why we are preferred over our competitors – we are the best!


The Kids are Always Leaving on Lights – What Can I do?


A simple solution is to install motion activated switches. These devices are self-timed and can be adjusted for length of operation. The devices can replace wall switches or can be installed in the ceiling. Ask any our electricians about a problem area and they can discuss solutions with you.

How can I protect the expensive electronics in my home?


Power surges can be a tricky thing. However, we do recommend that all of our clients have us install a “whole house” surge protection system. These devices are easily installed with minor interruptions to service. The devices we install come with simple to understand monitoring lights to make sure it is operating. Give us a call so we can select the right unit for your system and help to ensure protection to your system today.


Can I Do My Own Electrical Work?


Many homeowners have the skills and knowledge to perform some basic electrical repairs or replace bulbs. However, it is very easy to create a bigger problem or a serious safety hazard if you do not have the years of experience required to become a licensed electrician. Our advice is very simple. Let the experts to the repair or improvement right the first time. Our work is guaranteed and we stand by our technicians.


How Often Should I Test My Electrical Equipment?


Electrical equipment should be visually checked to spot early signs of damage or deterioration. Equipment should be more thoroughly tested by a competent person often enough that there is little chance that the equipment will become dangerous between tests. Equipment that is used in a harsh environment should be tested more frequently than equipment that is less likely to become damaged or unsafe.


We Still Have the Round Fuses Instead of Circuit Breakers. Is This a Safety Issue?


It is estimated that there are thousands of outdated panels and circuit boxes throughout the Treasure Coast. As for fuses, fuses are actually more sensitive than circuit breakers; therefore they are safer than circuit breakers. The problem with fuses is twofold.


 After a fuse protects your home from an overloaded circuit, you have to throw it away. Therefore you may go through many fuses. Most importantly, the majority of insurance companies now require that fuse boxes be replaced with circuit breakers.


Are Our 2-prong Electrical Outlets Still OK to Use in Our Home?


Most appliances and electrical devices today come with 3-prong plugs. The third prong is for grounding purposes. For safety reasons, it is advisable to have everything in your home properly grounded; therefore, you should change them for safety sake.


What is a GFCI?


A GFCI is an abbreviation for a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. It is a specially designed outlet normally used in wet locations to protect an individual from electrical shock. A GFCI measures the resistance on the “positive” and “negative” loads connected to it. If there is more resistance in either of the 2 loads, the GFCI trips. The electrical code requires that GFCI’s be installed in all kitchens, baths, and laundry areas.


What Should Children Know About Electrical Safety When They Play Outside?


  • Assume overhead lines are power lines and stay away from them.

  • Do not climb trees, or fly kites near power lines.

  • Never attempt to remove something that may be caught on an overhead line.

  • Never touch anyone who is in contact with a power line, call 911 instead.

  • Get inside at the first sign of lightning or sound of thunder. Remember, if it roars, go indoors.

  • Do not seek shelter under a tree.

  • Never allow your children to "swim" in floodwaters that may accumulate on your property or in vacant lots during Florida's frequent downpours.  Buried electrical lines or flooded transformers can turn an inviting puddles into electric charged and deadly waters.

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