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Electrical Connections is your Neighborhood Electrician serving Martin and Saint Lucie counts in Florida. Contact Electrical Connections for lighting, surge protection, panel upgrades, aluminum wiring replacement, wiring safety inspections, LED lighting, Savings and Safety Plan, new construction, wiring upgrades, residential wiring, outlet inspections, street lighting, 24 hour a day service.

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Sea Turtle Lights...

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Save a Life Today

Sea Turtle Video #1

Sea Turtle Video #2

CFL Dangers

Click on images to view videos on these very dangerous Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Surge Protection

Oops...looks like our Wizard has been up to a little mischief again. Click to see what he has been up to now.

Christmas and the holidays sometimes turn tragic when unsafe lights or an electrical short turns a Christmas tree into a deadly fire. Call Electrical Connections today to make sure your Christmas is safe.

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