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Electrical Connections is your Neighborhood Electrician serving Martin and Saint Lucie counts in Florida. Contact Electrical Connections for lighting, surge protection, panel upgrades, aluminum wiring replacement, wiring safety inspections, LED lighting, Savings and Safety Plan, new construction, wiring upgrades, residential wiring, outlet inspections, street lighting, 24 hour a day service.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Don't Let This
Happen to Your
Call for an Inspection
Electrical Connections can help avoid a costly housefire with an Electrical Safety Inspection.

The dangers of improperly installed electrical wiring are real. If electrical wiring is installed even slightly wrong, the results could be disastrous for your home…and you. That is why your electrical wiring should be installed by a professional electrical contractor.


Electrical Connections is a professional, Florida licensed, electrical contractor. We provide each and every one of our customers a comprehensive electrical safety inspection to make sure that wiring is completely safe. If your wiring is not successfully installed, your house could be at high risk for a fire!

All of our professional electricians are properly trained and have the experience to complete a safety inspection. We train our employees to regard safety with the highest importance. We value all of our customers as if they are a part of our own family. And, we believe in keeping you and your family safe from electrical dangers.


To start your electrical safety inspection service, one of our professional electricians will discuss your home’s original wiring with you. This is to find out what type of wiring is in your home, how long it has been installed, if there have been any problems in the past and who installed the wiring for you. If you answer as many of these questions as you can, it will help our professionals better inspect your house.


After having these questions answered, our electricians will conduct a detailed inspection of all your electrical wiring. They will test switches and outlets for proper power levels. Using special equipment, our electricians will make sure that all of your electrical wiring and outlets are fully functional. If you have any problems, or safety concerns, our professionals will be happy to address them.


Our Professional Electrical Safety Inspection includes


  • Outlets

  • Main Electrical Panel

  • Safety Elements

  • General Wiring Conditions

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Surge Suppression

  • Outside Wiring

  • Furnace & AC Wiring

  • Attic and Crawlspace

  • Technicians Wear Booties to Protect Your Flooring

  • All Technicians are Photo ID'd

  • All Employees are Background Checked and Drug Tested

"At the conclusion of our Electrical Safety Inspection, you will receive a full report that is color coded to indicate (green) No attention needed this visit; (yellow) Consider Repair/Replacement; (red) Safety Hazard Repair/Replacement Needed Immediately.


Call us today to schedule your Electrical Safety Inspection."  Kirk

"Our professionals are waiting to serve you."

Kirk Clampett, Director, Field Operations

Beware of Dangerous Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Do you have dangerous compact fluorescent light bulbs lurking in your home? Did you know they are causing fires throughout the Treasure Coast on a regular basis?

Please take a look at the photos below. A compact fluorescent bulb in a bathroom caused a fire that, while quickly suppressed, could have burned down a local home had the owners not been at home when the fire took place.

If you look at the zoomed in version of the photo, you will see the telltale spiral share of a compact fluorescent bulb. These bulbs burn at tremendous temperatures. Be safe. Don't use compact fluorescent bulbs also commonly known as CFLs.

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